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Frequently asked questions

Does straightening damage the hair ?

Straightening or smoothening ( chemical service ) reducing hair quality Recomended to use professional after care products for long lasing results .

Does straightening or smoothneing cause hair fall ?

The action of ironing while service , will create temporary hair fall from scalp.Its natural hair fall and hair will re-grow.

How long Straightening /smoothening  process take ?

Smoothening or straightening takes 3-5 hours depend hair length and valume .

Can i do straightening / smoothening & hair colouring same day?

NO. straightening is chemical service as well colouring. We suggest 7-30 days gap between 1 chemical to another . for that please you need to arrive for free consultation Only Nano keratin treatment can be done same day

what is the cost of permanent hair straightening or smoothening ?

Straight salon offer fixed price for every hair length. Feel free to check out our monthly offers page for best deal !

Where does  Straight salon located ?

Straight salon founded in Bangalore & have currently 6 branches . feel free to contact us .

Why choosing Straight salon for hair services?

Cause we have fix price for every hair length, volume and other resason the effect prices in other salon . We highly suggest you to check out google for best straightening in bangalore and you`ll understand our standards and reviews .

What the diffrence between keratin treatment & smoothening & permanent hair straightening ?

Smoothneing ( we use loreal xtenzo ) is chemical service that gives permantent results ( recommended proper maintinance ) with once in 6-8 month root touch up . Maintinance - professional shampoo and hair mask . As chemical service Smoothening reducing hair quality . Natural straight look Straightening is same as hair smoothening but objective is more on straight hair . Loreal xtenzo.up to 90% straight hair Keratin Treatment is semi permanent service , eliminate frizz , straight hair up to 60% , add on smoothness , shine . natural straight look

How long Kerating treatment results lasts ?

3-6 months depend on maintinance and lifestyle . the more you wash your hair , the more chemical or salts touch the hair it will fade away faster

What maintinance required after Nano keratin treatment ?

In general after keratin treatment its recomended to use shampoo and mask from same brand service done . Its free SLS and suflate.

Does highlight colouring involve bleach ?

Depend from color required but majority service that involved highlight will include bleach

what is the diffrance between Nano keratin re-charge and Nano keratin refortify ?

Nano keratin recharge serviec work on the cutical of the hair ( OUTSIDE ) Nano keratin refortify is work on the insde of the hair and rearrange hair bonds without harm them .

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