NANO KPLEX is a new advanced series, based on new generation
patented M460P biomimetic technology, integrating fresh
Milk and enabling hair to heal itself during and after chemical
processes back to its natural state.

NANO KPLEXs a creator, multiplier, reinforcer & stabilizer of all
hair bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van der Waals.

NANO KPLEX emulates natural hair process by enabling hair to
recuperate itself by finding single sulfur bonds and cross linking
them back together to form Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) bonds during
and after chemical processes.

NANO KPLEX advanced 2-stage In Salon Hair Recuperation Service
& 2-stage Home Care complementary Service bring a multitude
of benefits regaining hair perfection-healthy, elastic, lustrous,
silky and manageable.


1. Preventing Di-Sulphide bonds separation
2. Cross Linking, creating, multiplying, restructuring and stabilizing
all hair bonds
3. Closing Cuticles
4. Forming solid inner layer to seal pigment and nourishing nutrients
5. Enabling hair to recuperate itself
6. Balancing hair’s and scalp’s moisture
7. Protecting scalp skin
8. Forming outer layer to protect hair
9. Minimizing water & dirt adhesion
10. Sustaining healthy, elastic and strong hair structure


want to know how kplex will make your keratin treatment, smoothening or hair coloring  better?