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For ladies,Hair straightening becomes the last years the answer for their “bed hair day “ issue.

Curly , wavy, frizzy ,cursed or just simply unmanageable hair is the main reason for ladies to enter salons

Worldwide and tell the hair stylist ”fix me”.more than that today you demand for sexy luscious  hair

So, this dayS there are few treatment solutions from branded straightening systems to Japanese.

We at straight are very clear for our hair straightening treatments. we use only the big branded players in the market that bring the most innovated technology systems-L’oreal Xtenso & Wella professional.

Both are leading treatments and invested millions in R&D to get safe & wanted results.

















What is hair straightening/rebounding?

Basically, the intention of the treatment is to break the bonds of the hair and straight it thanks to the chemical compound with a substance that ensures the hair won't be left damaged within treatment.

It will straighten your hair to a certain level and depend in the original state of hair before, the material and the team that executes.


How long it straight hair stay?is it forever?

Hair that gut straightened will be straight forever but the new growth hair from roots be to grow as original hair so recommend to do roots once in 6 months to keep the total look even.


Can it be done of colored or heightened hair? that colored maybe gut chemical processed before but the straightening system won't harm massive on the shaft although recommend using the aftercare properly,



Deeply recommended for proper shampoo and conditioner to keep the moisture in the hair and maintain the texture.



Don’t you hate it when they say price “ according to the hair length and volume” and suddenly the price jump?

AT STRAIGHT? -rs5000! all inclusive .every length.every volume.



For more info don't hesitate to contact us







Long Brown Hair

Reduce the frizz
Enhance hair color
Straight it

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