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Created by By Leo.S & Bhawar Group, 

Bangalore-based Straight®  Salon is a unique concept that offers one of a kind customer salon destination.

After few years of R&D, Straight® become 4 years ago a proven business model

& its enough to google for the best hair straightening / smoothening / keratin treatment in Bangalore,  to understand where Straight® positioned. 


Straight introduce 2 franchises partner models:

1. FOCO/FICO - Suitable for those investors that new to the salon industry and

looking for safe, smart & value for money investment same as service @ straight studio.

We have created a business ecosystem to protect investment, optimized ROI & reduce every possible risk. We heard enough on salons & franchisees closed down, therefore, we build this model to be a win-win for the franchisee & the brand.   


2.CONVERT - Suitable For salon owners or franchisee owners that exploring the option to close or sell the salon.Your investment in the past can still create you profits, you just need the right partner. 

During the pandemic time, we all witness the fragile business environment we all live in . February 2020 onwards was the unpretending challenge for every business to survive & it's emphasized the importance of the ecosystem & concept we created. 

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Franchise Model

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We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

  1. Minimum investment net Rs25lac.

  2. Commitment

  3. Retail or hospitality experience

  4. Integrity

  5. Energy and enthusiasm

  6. Relate to Straight® DNA

The most imperative value we searching in people is the obsessive devotion to over-the-top customer service. Experience in the hair salon industry is important but not a must-have.

We prefer partners who will be actively involved in their first store, and not just ask for daily sales reports. The proposed location will we evaluated and as long its fit

to brand plans and not cannibalizing another STRAIGHT salon,  its all good.