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If you confusing which treatment suit your hair and needs , look at the tablet will clear your doubts

And help you decide on your future hair treatment.

hair straightening ,keratin treatment

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its wont wait forever.

keep in mind

*final result detarmain on your original hair in the day of treatment

*final results will be last as per your maintenance 

Well, a Keratin treatment is actually a hair straightening treatment that can really cut down on #frizz and curls. It will actually give your hair a sheen and shine, but remember, this is not permanent, so you will have to get it done about every 4 months. It's a great alternative to constantly straightening your #hair every day! This is one fact about Keratin treatments that you might not have known if you didn't do your research! Remember girls, this is a chemical treatment, one that has been known to be dangerous to #people with sensitive scalps, certain allergies, and so on, so before you take off to get one, you may want to continue to read below!

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