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do it straight .do it right

so what is a hair cut basically?

straight offer cutting edge hair styling cut ,under cut from tip to top.

no just hair straightening ,also hair coloring and all the mjust have trendy hair cut in the market .

color lab offer all types of coloring from balayage ,ombre ,highlights ,global .coloring bis chemical service required experience in hair coloring.

so as i said hair coloring will take care of the most trendy color and the cut will be on top of things with the shape and hair cut.

it will be more enhanced then befor if the hair cut will be atractive as in paris.but if the hair cut will not chab=nge so also the coloring won make that big af a deal.

hair coloring and hair cut goes hand o hand and compleat each other.

cant have only hair color caus e the hair cut take off at least the spleat ends

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