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6 HAIR TRENDS&colours FOR 2019

This year has been signed and sealed as the time for making hair exploits, whether we want it or not! Females all around the world have grown tired of the natural and ‘normal’ hairdos and want something vibrant and fresh, and I am sure you want it too. Whether it’s a reformed version of a 70s hairstyle or a new popping hair color with highlights, the hair trends evolving in 2019 are sure to blow your mind.



Let’s take a look at the hair trends that are rocking our year, shall we?


Brunettes blending into coloured tips. Blue , Green , Pink, Ashy tips gives an edgy look blend with Dark Brunette or chocolate base color . Easy conversion from grown obmre or balayage  hair colour trends. Give it a kick to your regular look.


This contemporary 60s look doesn’t seem to go out of fashion, as it keeps re-inventing itself in our contemporary world. It’s perfect for those with slender faces.


This hair breeds sophistication. It is achieved by plaiting your hair some centimeters from the parting all the way down. After that, gently press and clamp the hair.  Then, lightly loosen and straighten the hair with a brush for more volume. It’s chic and can be used for different occasions.


This is not the regular pink hair you are used to. People around the world have re-invented the hair by adding lots of grey undertones, giving the hair that smoky cool look, and the body, elegance. It can be used all through the hair or just at the base.​


This ancient style of hair is still trending to this day, whether as short, long or mid-length and it suits all kinds of hair colors.


This is unlike the normal mid-length bob. It is a bit above the shoulder, somewhere between the nape of your neck and your ear. It is perfect for all face types as it can be adjusted to any length. Plus, the bluntness can help thicken thin hair and soften thick hair, as the case may be. This 70s style can never go out of fashion.

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